Waterwise Gardens bark


Thank you for visiting our website. If you have found us, we hope that means you are curious about the idea of a “water-wise garden”, and that you will take a few moments to explore the information on these pages.

We believe that being responsible with water use – in any climate, but especially in the Mediterranean regions of the world – is the foundation for a healthy garden. With this as your guiding principle, you will be able to plan a garden that will not just survive, but thrive; a healthy, biodiverse garden that is dynamic and beautiful throughout the year.

We believe that there is more to life than a lawn and a palm tree – there are tens of thousands of plant species native to the Mediterranean regions of the world, many of which are  ideal for use in the garden and, when given the right care in the first year, need no water thereafter.

Whether you are dreaming of a naturalistic paradise or a modern, clean-lined space, there are water-wise plants to fulfil your needs.