As we have said, there are plants enough within the mediterranean palette to fulfil practically any need.

Formal gardens? Try using small-leaved myrtle or rosemary as a clipped low hedge, instead of box.
Roses? There are plenty of species that are well adapted to the climate, but perfectly beautiful.  
Lawns? See the huge range of alternatives in the lawn gallery.
Japanese? Great idea – a bonsai umbrella pine, raked gravel and sculptural rocks will need no water at all.

Australian? With many regions sharing our climate almost exactly, you can create an exotic, antipodean feeling with no extra watering.
Tropical forest? Using a canopy of appropriate trees as shade cover, large leaved plants such as swiss-cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa), philodendron and Kaffir lily (Clivia miniata) are surprisingly drought-resistant.  
Rock garden? Perfect – there are a huge variety of cacti, succulents and small mound-forming plants that will LOVE your rockery.

But the gardens we like best of all are those that reflect the natural Mediterranean landscape.  In rural areas, is there anything so beautiful as a cork tree or olive grove underpinned by wildflowers in spring? By the coast, the flower-starred carpets of small round shrubs? In the barrocal, the interwoven evergreens and trees with their seemingly infinite variations of grey, green, lime and silver? Look at your surroundings and you will find the right garden will slowly suggest itself to you.

On our gallery pages you can see some of these ideas but, if you don’t find what you are looking for, get in touch – we are convinced we can find a solution to fit your dream.