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17-Feb-2015 - Mulch

Today I am going to share with you my absolute number one tip for saving time and money in the garden, and that is: USE MULCH.

What's mulch? I hear you cry. Well, it's anything that you use to cover the ground. It can be organic - so, pine bark, farmyard manure, straw, or leaf mould - or inorganic - anything from gravel and stone to glass pebbles, seashells or even crushed CDs! In parts of the mediterranean they use almond shells, and in California, grape waste from the wine industry is freely available and makes an excellent nutritious mulch.

To get the best results, you should aim for a depth of around 5 centimetres (or two inches). This will aid your back and your garden in a number of ways. It retains water in the soil by slowing down evaporation, it protects healthy microorganisms in the soil from the damaging effects of the sun, and it inhibits the germination of weed seeds. So that's cutting your water bill and the number of weeding hours, for a start. 

Still not convinced? Well, if you use an organic mulch such as manure or garden compost, this will slowly break down and gently add nutrients to the soil, feeding your plants as it goes.

For me, it is one of the foundations of a healthy garden and I promise you it will instantly improve the health of yours.