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10-Feb-2015 - Mediterranean Garden Styles

What do you think of when you imagine a Mediterranean garden? Lots of colour and terracotta pots? Formally clipped evergreen shrubs? Stone walkways and fountains? These are a few traditional features of garden design in the Mediterranean. They make use of locally available materials - stone, gravel, and terracotta - and plants which show up well under the hot sun and clear blue skies.

However, the range of Mediterranean climate plants is huge and versatile, and there are many approaches to choose from.

 How about a minimalist garden, with block plantings of elegant grasses?

A garden of living sculptures, created entirely with cacti, succulents and architectural plants?

A naturalistic garden of Mediterranean native plants, featuring delicate flowers of mauve, blue and yellow, sweetly scented herbs, and repeated soft mounds of silvery foliage and evergreens?

Or what about a traditional English rose garden? Perhaps surprisingly, there are many rose varieties that love our hot summers and produce blooms over many months.

Whatever style you choose, if you look for plants that originate from a summer-dry, winter-wet climate, they will thrive with minimal care, and look right at home in your garden."