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10-Mar-2015 - Herbs in the Algarve

I would like to say a little something about herbs this week. It's a great group of plants and many of them are fabulously easy to grow in the Algarve. Some of our most useful kitchen herbs come from the Mediterranean - have you ever wondered why? 

3-Mar-2015 - How to Plant

This week, I want to talk about planting. This might seem pretty self-explanatory - you simply dig a hole and pop the plant in, job done. Right? Wrong. It's true that the basic concept doesn't stray much from this, but there are a few details worth remembering.

17-Feb-2015 - Mulch

Today I am going to share with you my absolute number one tip for saving time and money in the garden, and that is: USE MULCH.

24-Feb-2015 - Mediterranean climate plants

This week, I'm talking about choosing plants for your garden. My guiding philosophy is to choose the right plants for the right place and an easy way to do this is to find plants from places with the same conditions as your garden. How can we do this in the Algarve? We look for plants from places with a mild, rainy winter and a hot, dry summer - a Mediterranean climate. As well as the Mediterranean basin, this climate exists in parts of Australia, South Africa, California and Chile.

10-Feb-2015 - Mediterranean Garden Styles

What do you think of when you imagine a Mediterranean garden? Lots of colour and terracotta pots? Formally clipped evergreen shrubs? Stone walkways and fountains? These are a few traditional features of garden design in the Mediterranean. They make use of locally available materials - stone, gravel, and terracotta - and plants which show up well under the hot sun and clear blue skies.

However, the range of Mediterranean climate plants is huge and versatile, and there are many approaches to choose from.