Waterwise Gardens bark

Loulé Garden

A newly purchased villa in the hills above Loulé came complete with a neglected garden that looked much the worse for wear. The clients wanted colour throughout the year - the villa is let for much of the year - without spending a fortune on irrigation. A border by the driveway was planted with interlocking drifts of agapanthus, daylilies and grasses, to give colourful impact. Stone-faced terracing was built to turn a tricky, steep area behind the house into a "hanging garden" filled with perennials with long flowering seasons, featuring many unusual salvia and lavender varieties. Moribund fruit trees were removed and a wildflower meadow installed beside the drive.

Topsoil was introduced in all areas to give plants a good start. The driveway border receives weekly irrigation but the terraces and wildflower meadow will receive no supplementary watering once established.