Waterwise Gardens bark

Gardening in Pots

The waterwise lifestyle isn't just for those with ground to plant in and plenty of space. Many of us in the Algarve have limited or non-existent ground room, but the vast majority of apartments have balconies or roof terraces which can be quickly and easily dressed up as gardens with the addition of a few containers. Pots also provide a perfect setting to observe the extraordinary variety of leaf and flower form among the cacti and succulents that grow so well in them. Hardy orchid species such as Cymbidium and Bletilla are spectacular in bloom and surprisingly drought tolerant.

The photos in this section are all plants we have personally grown and have survived our cruel regime of weekly watering (and sometimes less!) through the summer, proving their drought hardiness. Meanwhile, collecting the perfect pot to mirror the curve of a petal or the tone of a leaf can become a pleasant obsession. You may even be providing vital habitat for wildlife...