Waterwise Gardens bark

Albufeira Garden

What looked like a deceptively small garden consisting of a few metres of lawn all around the house has become a series of garden rooms full of colour, texture and scent.

The old driveway, never used but costing money in irrigation, was transformed into an irrigation-free border full of Mediterranean herbs and shrubs, and the driveway stones were taken up and reused for paths around the garden.

The back lawn was exchanged for a round sunny patio surrounded by perennials and fruit trees, while a pergola built onto the back of the house creates a shady bower for reading and relaxing.

Further on, a sunny corner is devoted to succulents and more Mediterranean planting, and a narrow corridor has been given a new lease of life with a patio of traditional brick, flanked by lush evergreen foliage.

All areas are irrigation free, receiving an occasional deep irrigation by hose until established.