Waterwise Gardens bark

Advantages of waterwise gardening

A waterwise garden is healthier – in choosing the right plants for the right place, you will avoid not only watering work, but also pest control and fertilization. Plants that are happy in their situation are more able to fight off disease and live on the resources available. By avoiding chemicals and using a wider range of plants, you support the population of beneficial insects, birds and other wildlife, which in turn helps to protect the garden from pest species.

Importantly, the waterwise garden is in tune with the rhythm of the seasons. Plants are allowed to thrive in the winter and spring, rewarding us with exuberant growth, flowers and fruit; while in summer, when heat is powerful and resources scarce, they are allowed to rest and replenish. Meanwhile, we benefit from an enchanting, ever-changing scene: autumn-flowering bulbs, winter greens, spring flower symphonies and golden summer seedheads. And all this without mentioning perfume: the soil after the autumn rain, the humid rich winter smells, a thousand flowers in spring, and the pungent spice of herbal oils and pine sap toasting in the summer sun. 

In short, the waterwise garden will save money, save labour, increase interest, benefit the surrounding ecosystem, and truly reflect the land and the climate that surround your home.