Waterwise Gardens bark

Why should I get rid of my lawn?

Yes, we know – it is nice to have a big, fresh green area in the garden. You need somewhere to sunbathe, somewhere for kids to run around. But take a look at that lawn. How much is it costing you, in water alone? How about the hours of mowing and maintenance? Chemical treatments for fertilizing and pest control? And even with all that life support, does it still look a bit sad and brown in high summer and mid-winter?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a low green carpet of some other plant that did not require all that intensive care?

Well, such plants DO exist. There are even subjects that can be cut with a lawnmower and tolerate foot traffic, for those who use their lawns heavily.

But for those of you who have a lawn “just because”, wouldn’t it be more interesting to have some flowering plants there? Some aromatic herbs or gently swaying ornamental grasses? Some statuesque shrubs, or a wildflower meadow that will give you an ever-changing tapestry of colour through the spring, and delightful golden texture through the summer?

All of these ideas are viable, labour-saving and waterwise alternatives to a lawn. Just take a look at the slideshow above – smell the herbs, hear the rustling of perennial grasses and enjoy the butterflies who will surely thank you for planting more flowers.